The Most Comfortable Sleeper Sofa in 2020

A sofa is not something you want to cheap out on, especially if you want to pass out on it while watching Netflix in the living room, or you lack a guest room and your friend wants to crash for a few nights. That’s where the sleeper sofa comes in.

“Sleeper sofas” is a term that covers quite a few types of couches. For example, it can include the sofa bed, which is a mattress that folds out of the sofa. It can refer to a sofa with an extendable part that allows people to sleep on it. The sleeper sofa could refer to the futon couch, which folds into a bed.

Finally, the sleeper sofa may refer to a sofa that’s made of memory foam or another material, making it a good place to sleep on. Sleeper sofas have come a long way. They used to be uncomfortable, but nowadays, you can find one that’s a good fit for you.

Either way, having an extra place to sleep is just nice. Even if you’re all by your lonesome, sometimes the bed just doesn’t cut it for whatever reason. That’s why we’re here to give you the best sleeper sofas money can buy.

What Should I Look for When Buying a Sleeper Sofa?

As we said, a sofa is something you should think about, especially a sleeper bed sofa. Here are some factors to consider when looking for the best sleeper sofa.

What Is the Mattress or Sofa Made From?

Old sleeper sofas weren’t too comfortable, with badly made spring mattresses poking you. It was a rarity to find a comfortable sleeper sofa. However, these days many sofas are quite comfortable. They tend to be made from a foam mattress, particularly a memory foam mattress, which allows for a comfortable experience.

However, even the innerspring mattresses may surprise you, especially with newer models.

What Is the Size?

When picking a sofa with sleeping bed, or just a sleeper sofa, you do need to think about how big it is. Is the mattress that folds out full sized? Queen size? Is the couch itself big enough sleep on? On the other hand, you may be looking for sofa sleeper beds that fold out and extend, with the main sofa part folding out so it doesn’t take up too much space in the living room. When you live in small spaces, you may not want a sleeper sofa that takes up too much space.

What About the Weight?

The weight of the sofa is important, too, especially if you’re planning to move soon. Because many types of sleeping sofa come with an included mattress, they can be quite heavy. For some, that won’t matter. For others, they may be looking for something a little lighter. Most products will tell you their weight. With that said, it’s always wise to have someone with you if you’re moving the sofa.

A Good Frame

Figure out what the frame of your sleeper sofa is made from. Frames that are built from kiln-dried hardwood tend to last longer without warping. Cheaper sofas may use metal frames that bend easily or use other cheap materials that don’t last long. In some cases, spending more can save you money in the long run.

Easy Assembly

Some sleeper sofas may come dissassembled, and it’s up to you to put it together. Some make it easy, with snap-on legs. However, there are some that make it a pain.

Not only is a sofa that is easy to assemble convenient on the initial setup, but it allows you to disassemble it when moving.

Some sofas are shipped to you already assembled, which can be quite convenient. If you’re looking for a sofa that requires no assembly, you may find that spending more can save you some trouble.

Easy Sleeper Mechanism

With a sleeper sofa, you may want to think about how you convert the sofa part into a bed. Most of them are easy. They unfold through a press of a button, and putting the mattress back into the sofa is easier. Others unfold in different directions, giving you more variety. Sometimes, you’re so tired that you don’t want to spend a good hour figuring it out.

Try Before You Buy?

Ordering online can be convenient, but with something like a sofa, it can be a pain. With a traditional furniture store, you can typically touch it or lie on it to make sure it’s comfortable for you. However, you can’t touch a sofa through your computer. Not yet, anyway. Some manufacturers allow you to try before you buy, or they will allow you to return it no questions asked. However, because the sleeper sofa is big, some manufacturers may charge a fee to return it, so beware.

Here’s How We’ve Determined the Most Comfortable Sleeper Sofa

When looking at the best sleeper sofas, we looked at several types, all with different costs. We tried to fit all kinds of sleeper sofa in here, and we looked at the reviews as well. If the product had under 4 stars, it wasn’t considered. We will discuss the reviews in the list, so be on the lookout for that.

#1: Bowery Hill (Best Value – All-Purpose)

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The number one sleepers sofa on this list has to be the one that fits all needs and is mid-range in budget. This sleeper sofa ticks all those boxes, and it looks great. It has that gray shape and color that’s good for most households. It’s a pull-out, allowing the sofa to transform into a sofa bed, or something that multiple guests can lounge on.

Another unique feature is that it has a storage chassis. Sofas with storage are becoming a little more popular because they allow you to store the living room essentials without taking up too much space. This one has storage right out of the bottom.

So, what do the reviews say? This sofa is critically acclaimed, with most people saying it’s a comfortable sleeper sofa that is easy to assemble and makes for a good place to sleep on. Some reviewers said it was a little heavy, but besides that, no negative reviews. The only one-star reviewer was someone who got the product and the box was damaged. However, that’s a shipping problem, not something to do with the product itself. Otherwise, this sleeper sofa is the best one on this list for a reason.

Overall, we can’t recommend this sleeper enough. It’s one of those sofas that’s worth every penny and is a good place to start off with if you’re wanting to shop for one ASAP.

#2: Amazon Brand (Best Product)

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When you think of the Amazon Brand, you may imagine a cheaper, yet still decent, product. However, the Amazon Brand sleeper sofa is luxurious. You’ll notice right from the get-go that this product is not cheap. However, you do get what you pay for. There is a payment plan as well for those who may not want to drop the amount money this one is going for.

This sleeper sofa comes in three sizes. We’ll be looking at the queen size, but it does come in a full sized and a chair sized as well. They aren’t too far apart in price, surprisingly, with the full sized and queen size being around $100 in difference. Therefore, we recommend the queen unless your house can only fit the full.

This is your traditional sleeper sofa with a pull-out mattress that unfolds. Back in the day, these sleeper sofas were cursed. They were never comfortable and had sharp edges that would ruin your night. Some guests would retreat to the floor rather than sleep on them.

Those days are over. This sleeper sofa bed has an innerspring mattress, but it’s designed so you don’t feel the edges, and most people say that the mattress is good for sleeping. Not only that, but this mattress is queen-sized, allowing couples or bigger folks to sleep well without needing a guest room with a real bed.

Plus, you could replace the mattress on the sleeper sofa bed with a memory foam, or buy a memory foam topper, if you want that experience. Every couch you order is made to order. There’s no assembly needed; this sleeper sofa comes already assembled. Besides its 30-day return policy, this sleeper sofa has a warranty of three years, giving you peace of mind.

Reviews of this sleeper sofa have been extremely positive. Most people say it’s very comfortable and high quality. While the mattresses of the Amazon sleeper sofas are not foam mattresses, most say it feels very comfortable. There are some minor complaints from reviewers, like its heaviness. Otherwise, most negative reviews deal with a bad experience with delivery, with few major complaints about the product itself.

Overall, this is a luxury couch. People who are on budgets may want to look elsewhere, but if you want to feel like a million bucks without having to spend that much, this is for you.

#3: GIA Tri-Fold (Best Sofa Chair)

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If you live alone, or you don’t have space to add another sofa, a sofa sleeper chair may be the solution. These are sofas that are the size and shape of chairs, and they fold out into a bed. This sleeper sofa comes in several colors, and you can mix up its positions. It can go from a traditional chair shape to a lounge chair, then unfold completely to a mattress. It’s quite easy to unzip it, and it has high-density foam, meaning that it’s cushy.

So, what do the reviews say? They are quite positive. Most people say that this is a great little chair sofa sleeper, and it’s easy to use. Many reviewers say that although it’s meant for small spaces, it can support a bigger person. Some negative reviews, however, said it was meant for smaller people. Look at the dimensions to make sure that it will fit your needs.

This one may be small, but it feels just as good as a bigger couch. If you’re looking for a seat you can sleep on, you can’t go wrong.

#4: Novogratz (Best Low Cost)

When you have a new home and you don’t have much money, getting quality furniture for cheap can be tough unless you have some quality thrift stores nearby. If you don’t, then this may be your best option.

Interestingly enough, the cost depends on which color you purchase. The blue linen is the cheapest. Meanwhile, the yellow goes for about $100 more. Then, you have the orange linen, which is going for over double of what the yellow costs. Why this is, we don’t know. Because of this odd pricing, the blue linen does sell out fast, so be mindful.

Anyway, this sleeper sofa is similar to the American futon. It can fold into a sofa bed, but there are more positions. For example, you can fold one half and keep the other unfolded. It’s minimalistic and small, with tapered legs and a wood frame holding it up.

Reviews of this sleeper sofa bed have been overall positive, but a bit more mixed than most on this list. The majority of the reviews say that this sleeper sofa bed is easy to assemble, compact, easy to use, and comfortable, with some saying that you do have to break the sofa in, if you want to get the most comfortableness out of it. However, there are several reviews that say it’s unpleasantly uncomfortable.

Obviously, comfort is subjective; some people can sleep on a rock, while others need a sofa they can sink into. If you’re pickier, one way to save some money is to buy this sleeper sofa bed, then use a memory foam mattress topper to give it a bit more comfort.

Overal, this is a good sofa sleeper if you’re looking for one that’s budget friendly. As long as you’re not someone who wants an orange sofa for whatever reason, this one fits most low budgets.

#5: Loveseat Sleeper (Best Loveseat)

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Ah, the loveseat! Two people who love each other very much, or at least two people who are trying to get along, will love to sit in one. They’re good for couples, especially a couple who wants to lay back and watch some TV before bed.

This loveseat unfolds into a memory foam mattress that is quite comfortable. This makes it convenient if you want a sleeper sofa that doesn’t take up too much space. Also, this sleeper sofa does come with an eBook about furniture, which is a convenient little feature.

So, what do the reviews say? Reviews of this sleeper sofa are quite positive, but they are a little more mixed at 4 stars. Most people say that this is one of the best sleeper sofas if you’re looking for a loveseat. It’s comfortable and unfolds into a nice size bed for a couple.

Negative reviews mostly focus on people who found it uncomfortable or people who got lemons. Some people liked the back cushions, but not the bottom, but few people had complaints about the sleeper sofa aspect of it.

Overall, this is a cute little sofa sleeper for couples. Some people may want something with a bit more quality, but it does have a foam mattress and is good overall for most needs.

On a Budget? Try These:

Finding a cheap sleeper sofa feels like an impossible task, but it’s surprisingly not. Here are some cheap, yet decent, sleeper sofas for every occasion.

#1 Budget: Ash Black

This is a sleeper sofa that you can fold into many different positions, allowing you to find the best position that’s for you. If you’re looking for the best sleeper sofa, this is a good one for a small budget. It may not last forever, but the time you spend with it may be worth it.

#2 Budget: Mainstays

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Looking for a traditional American futon for cheap? This is one of the best sleeper sofa futons for that. It’s made from memory foam and has positive reviews overall. Check it out. While it may not be the highest quality, it’s great if you’re on a budget.

#3 Most Comfortable Under $55: Intex

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If you’re looking for the cheapest of the cheap in regards to the sleeper sofa, look to the inflatables. Yes, this is an inflatable sofa that you can unfold into a sleeper sofa. Overall, the reviews are decent, with most people saying that it’s a comfy sleeper sofa for it being inflatable. Negative reviews mostly deal with complaints you’d expect about inflatable sleeper sofas, such as it leaking. We recommend this one for camping or for travel. It probably won’t be a permanent stay in your home or anything.

Can a Sofa Bed Be Comfortable?

The idea of a sleeper sofa, also known as a sofa bed, being comfortable feels like a joke. Indeed, these sleeper sofas have had a bad rap over the years. Maybe you had to sleep at your grandma’s, and she hasn’t upgraded her sleeper sofa since the 1970s. Perhaps you were the third wheel in a motel and had to cope with a bad sleeper sofa.

Either way, you may think twice about purchasing sleeper sofas, even if they are meant for guests. Some of them you may not want to wish on your worst enemy. This was because sleeper sofas tended to use cheap innerspring mattresses, and they had edges that would hurt to sleep on.

However, sleeper sofas have come a long way. For one thing, many sleeper sofas have ditched the innerspring for better memory foam, which is now cheap. For another, innersprings have managed to hide the edges quite well, and it now feels like you’re sleeping on nothing at all.

These nice sleeper sofas don’t cost too much as well. You don’t need to spend thousands for a sleeper sofa that is worth it.

However, if you end up with a sofa that isn’t the best sleeper sofa, here are some ways to make it more comfortable.

Add a Mattress Topper

The mattress topper is a cheap, yet effective way of making a sleeper sofa or any bed more comfortable. It’s a layer of foam or other comfortable material that you put over your bed. This can enhance a sleeper sofa and is good for travel. Investing in this can make that sleeper sofa much better.

Get the Right Size

While this one won’t help you if you’re in a motel, if you’re buying one, making sure that it fits your size is important. For one thing, someone won’t find comfort if they are a bigger person who tosses, and they have to sleep on a twin size bed. There’s no such thing as a bed too big, so get a nice sized sleeper if you have the money or space. This can increase comfort for your guests.

Flip the Mattress

If the mattress’s comfort isn’t what it used to be, you may find that flipping the mattress can end up fixing the problem. A mattress, be it in a bed or sleeper, can sag if not flipped.

Replace the Mattress

Sometimes, you may find that replacing the mattress altogether will allow you to get more comfort. If your mattress is a cheap one, upgrading to a better one will save you and your guest a lot of grief. Plus, don’t you want the best comfort for your guest, or comfort for you when you’re relaxing? We thought so.

Improve the Room

Besides looking to the mattress, you may find that the space you’re sleeping in, AKA your room, is what’s causing you grief. Your room environment can have an impact. A room that’s too hot will reduce your comfort. Turn on the AC or take a cold shower before you sleep. Clear up space around you. Make sure the curtains are drawn so you get the best sleep when it’s bright outside. Finally, find the best way to unwind in your room, and never use the bed for more than sleeping and sex. These are the best ways to improve the space around you.

Don’t Worry So Much

When you’re a guest and you’re sleeping on a couch sleeper, one source of trouble is that you’re worried you can’t sleep. This leads to a tough cycle to break. One of the best ways to get a good night’s sleep is to relax. Take some deep breaths if you’re worried. Get out of the bed, leave the room, and clear your mind before you fall asleep.

A couple of bad nights of sleep you can bounce back from, so don’t worry about it too much and just relax in the guest room while you can.

Verdict: Your Most Comfortable Sleeper Sofa 

And there we go. We looked at many different types of sofa sleeper bed and found the top five that specialize in intense comfort, the best bang for the buck, and have the most space in a small package. Whether it’s for you or your guest, you may find these sofa sleepers to be the cream of the crop.

Now, if you want a quick summary, let’s look again at the top five best types of sofa sleeper.

First, we have the Bowery Hill. This sleeper is the best overall. It’s mid-range and can expand to take up more space and turn into the perfect bed. It’s comfortable and has extra space for storage, too. Overall, it’s one of the best and the number one choice to go to.

Next up, we have the Amazon Brand. This queen sized sleeper is one of the best if you have the money, and it comes in different sizes as well if you need less space. The bed part is innerspring, but it’s comfy. The couch itself is high quality leather and well worth the purchase price.

Third, we have the GIA Tri-Fold. If you don’t have too much space, this chair can help you with that. You can fold it into a lounge chair, then a full-on bed, and it’s made from high quality materials.

Fourth, there’s the Novogratz. This is a cheap sleeper, especially if you get the blue, which is always a little low in stock. While it’s a budget, most people find it to be comfortable and it takes up the right amount of space, though some people say that you do only get what you pay for.

Finally, there’s the Loveseat Sleeper. This takes up little space and is good if you’re looking for two back cushions to support a couple. Not only is it cheaper, but the bed portion is made from memory foam, giving you a great night’s sleep.

And there you have it. When you’re looking for the best sofa sleeper, we believe we have it covered. Five sleepers, all with different users in mind. All in a day’s work, we say. Now, to unwind on our sofas and go to sleep.

Finding the perfect sofa can be tough. Finding the perfect bed, even for a guest, can be hard. When you have to do both, it can be an intimidating task. That’s why we’re here to help. These sleepers are comfortable, yet they don’t cost too much. They are great for an apartment or someone who just needs a new piece of furniture. Either way, we hope you found the best sofa sleeper for the job. Good luck with whatever choice you decide to make.

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