The Best Sectional Sleeper Sofas in 2020

Sometimes having guests over can be tough. If you are short on space, then it can be difficult to host people without rearranging all of your furniture, and it can be embarrassing and annoying to drag out an old air mattress from the closet. That’s where a sectional sleeper sofa comes in.

So why do you need a sleeper sofa? Well, for one thing, you can save money. No need to invest in multiple pieces of furniture and no need to set aside a guest room. This type of sofa is not just a regular piece of furniture. A sleeper sectional can be both functional and aesthetic. During the day, it can be arranged to fit the style of your living room, simply by moving a few sections around. At night when the guests arrive, it folds out nicely into a comfy bed. It’s also the perfect solution for people who don’t have room to stock a full-size mattress. Some of them even come with memory foam mattresses, making them even better than a regular bed.

So if you are looking for a way to save space, or maybe you just want to avoid the last second scrambling to rearrange the office into a guest room, or even just want an affordable option that is also chic and sleek, then a sectional sofa sleeper is for you. We know that buying a new piece of furniture can be hard, so this article will compare sofa sleeper beds and hopefully help you make an informed decision about which one is right for you.

What Should I Look for When Buying a Sectional Sleeper Sofa?

When looking to buy a sectional sofa, it’s important to keep a few things in mind. One of the most important criteria is the type of sectional sofa you are going to need. There are two main types of sofas, and both can be rearranged to fit your room, but they each do so in slightly different ways:

1. L shaped – like its name, the L shaped sleep sofa forms the letter L. It includes two segments, which can be adjusted to fit your fancy. The size of these segments can vary from sofa to sofa.

2. U shaped – this sofa is slightly bigger, containing 3 segments, which gives you even more options to play around with to find the perfect fit. Sometimes those 3 segments are just 3 sofas pushed together, but often one or both sides is a chaise lounge. This sofa may be slightly more expensive, but it is also excellent for large gatherings as everyone can sit facing each other.

You also want to pay attention to spacing and design. The right sleeping sofa for you is the one that fits nicely into your home and will fold out without knocking nearby furniture over. If you are working with small spaces, keep in mind that getting one with a full-size bed might not be the smartest idea, so check to make sure the dimensions match up. Another criterion to look out for is the colors and design, to make sure it fits in with your other furniture.

Quality is also important. Like any furniture purchase, you are looking for something long-lasting and durable, and you’ll want to check the features to make sure you are getting what you paid for.

Here’s How We’ve Determined the Best Sectional Sleeper Sofas

All of the products we picked are at the top of the charts, and they are popular for a reason. We searched high and low for the best picks in the market, basing this list on pricing and reviews, as well as cool extra features like hidden storage or foam cushioning. We also picked a variety of styles, colors, and designs, making sure that there is something to match your home’s vibe no matter what your budget.

#1:Best Choice Products Tufted Faux Leather 3-Seat L-Shape Sectional Sofa  (Best Value – All-Purpose)

This beautiful white sofa features a beautiful clean-lined frame and a sleek look, perfect if you are looking for something with a more modern design. This sectional sofa isn’t all looks, though. Upholstered in supple faux leather material and fitted with bouncy foam seat cushions, this is also great for just lounging around. Another great thing about this sofa is the removable chaise, which is light and easy to slide to either side for a customizable setup.

What really sets this sofa apart is that it comes with an ottoman bench. During the day, it’s perfect for whatever you want it to be – a footrest, coffee table, or even just a way to stretch your legs out for a nap. But at night, but that same ottoman slides right in next to the sofa to create an almost full-sized bed. That’s right! When you are ready to sleep, simply slide the ottoman bench a few feet, and you are good to go. No folding, no rearranging cushions, no fancy pull-out mechanisms to figure out. When you are tired and ready to drop, it’s as simple as it gets.

This sofa is also built to last. Although it’s white, the faux leather is fantastically easy to clean, making it one of the more kid-friendly options on this list. Feel free to invite your messy neighbors with kids. You can enjoy your guests without having to constantly watch out for spills.

It’s easy to see what all the buzz is about, as reviewers commented on this sleeper sofa’s elegant design, several claiming they were pleasantly surprised that this sofa looked more expensive than it was. One person said the faux leather actually looked and felt real. Negative reviewers complained that the sofa came with missing parts; however, others were quick to point out that the parts were simply located in lower compartments, so that’s definitely something important to remember when assembling this sofa bed.

This fantastic sectional sofa is a great option because of its quality, comfort, and ease of use, and it’s also almost a full-sized bed. At the affordable price, this sofa bed should not be quickly overlooked.

#2: Homelegance Fabric Reversible Chaise Sofa (Best Product)

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Our next top option is this sectional sleeper by Homelegance. Padded in a mix of soft brown chenille and faux leather, this sofa has a soft, neutral design that is comfortable yet classy. This will suit almost any home decor, no matter what your existing furniture. It’s a beautiful and spacious sofa, measuring 89″ x 56″ x 35″, so it can comfortably seat several people. This sleeping sofa bed is a bit different than the first one on the list, in two ways:

Reason #1- the Quality

While slightly more expensive than the previous option, this sleeper sofa more than makes up for it with its durable, solid wood frame, compared with the plastic frame above, giving this sleeper sofa a superior build that many in the market lack.

Reason #2- the Storage Space

Similar to the others, the reversible chaise can be placed on either side of this sofa to suit your individual needs. But what makes this one special is the storage underneath. Simply lift it up to reveal several feet of open space, where you can easily store guest blankets, spare cushions, or all that clutter that you can’t seem to part from, all right in easy access in your living room.

This one doesn’t have an ottoman, but the pull out trundle slides out nicely with a quick tug and rises to be a bed. It folds right back down when you don’t want it, so you can really maximize your space. It’s smaller than most sleeper sofas in general, so if you live in an apartment, don’t let that stop you from having guests. This is a great option if you are working with less living space.

While this sofa bed does not have so many ratings, reviews are overwhelmingly positive, several praising this sleeper sofa’s ease of use and comfortable cushions. So whether you plan on relaxing, napping, or just lounging around, this sleeper sectional is one of the best you can find.

#3: FDW Sofa Sectional Sofa Bed (Best Queen Sized)

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This elegant leather sleeper sofa is your absolute best bet if you are looking for something a little bit more spacious. If you really want to be an amazing hostess, this L shaped convertible sofa includes an extra-long chaise that can be moved to either side to fit your needs. You will never have to worry about not having enough room, as this sectional sleeper features a queen-sized bed that’s perfect for multiple overnight guests.

One of the major highlights of this sectional sofa is quality. This durable sleeper sofa has a stable, solid wood frame that can support hundreds of pounds. Inside the cushions are elastic, highly resilient sponges that have a great bounce to sink into after a long day.

Also, this sofa is incredibly low maintenance. Right from the beginning, this is no ordinary piece of furniture, as it proves to be incredibly easy to put together right out of the box. Moreover, this contemporary sleeper sofa is astonishingly easy to upkeep. That’s because this sleeper sofa bed is upholstered in faux leather that is both dirt- and-water resistant, making this a fantastic option if you have messy kids. It also helps that the sleeper sofa has a sleek, dark fabric. Simply wipe away stains with a rag, and it comes right off – no marks left, and no stressful trips to buy stain remover before the guests come.

This sofa is also fantastically easy to use. The sofa-to-bed change only takes about 3 seconds. Simply slide out the bed from underneath, and you’re good to go. Another great highlight is the adjustable headrest that can easily be adjusted to suit your comfort.

Overall, reviewers were very impressed. Several commented about the quality and size of the sectional sofa, especially for the price. A few were thrilled that the faux leather lent a very high-end, premium feel to the whole thing. While there were negative reviews, they mostly centered on receiving a defective sofa, but that’s something that can happen with any sofa that you buy. Thankfully, in this case, the company is willing to stand behind it and will gladly replace your defective sofa.

#4: BOWERY HILL Steel Gray Linen Reversible Sleeper Sofa (Best Low Cost)

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At a low price (complete with free shipping at Amazon!) this sectional sleeper is an absolute steal. You’ll love the plump stitching design, as well as the tufted seat, which gives this sectional sleeper a really modern, chic design that many in the market lack.

This convertible sofa is also perfect for any homeowner with a small living space, as its reversible chaise opens up nicely to provide even more storage space. This two-piece sectional is also smaller than many of the others on this list, making this perfect if you have a small living room. It is easy to put together and comes in many colors to compliment almost any living décor.

This sofa is also comfortable, featuring supportive back cushions, as well as foam-filled seats with pocket coil springs that are easy to sink into.

This sofa did not have many reviews, but almost all were positive, as this sofa received nearly five stars on Amazon. Reviewers raved about its sleek look and high quality feel, despite the low cost. Many reviewers had purchased this model because they had a small living room and felt like this very adequately functioned as both their sofa and guest bed without taking up too much space and interfering with other furniture.

Overall, if you are looking for a quality sleeper sofa and don’t care too much about extra bells and whistles, this one might be great for you. Because it features a simple design and many neutral colors, it will likely match with any aesthetic, and the smaller size means it will fit an apartment of almost any size. So if you are looking to buy a convertible sofa without needing to pay an arm and a leg, this is one sectional sleeper you will love.

#5: Homelegance Ferriday 98″ x 66″ Sectional Sleeper with Storage (Most Luxurious)

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While not the cheapest by any means, this 3-piece sectional sofa is worth every penny.

This beautiful sofa by Homelegance Ferriday is upholstered in a premium, soft taupe fabric that is both rich in color and texture and feels amazing to the touch. Not many sleeper sofas have too much attention to detail, but that’s where this one stands out. It’s chrome legs and detailed contrast stitching on the fabric complete the design, lending this convertible sofa a truly modern, high-end feel. It’s beautiful plywood frame is both elegant and functional, able to accommodate up to 600 pounds.

This beautiful sleeper sofa is not just all looks. Included under the chaise is ample storage space. Simply lift the top and you’ll see a spacious place where you can put spare pillows, blankets, or store extra magazines. To convert this great sofa into a bed, simply pull out the trundle. When the guests leave, the bed slides smoothly and unobtrusively underneath to allow for easy cleaning.

When it comes to comfort, this L shaped sofa really shines. Featuring bouncy, high-grade foam seat cushions, you will relax right into this sectional sofa without a second thought. There is also a headrest that you can adjust to suit your liking, as well as a firm back cushion to support your posture while you unwind.

Reviewers raved about its beautiful design and several were very impressed with how easily they were able to assemble it, despite its size. There were a few negative reviewers who claimed that the sofa was too firm, but they were a minority. Overall, this product received overwhelmingly positive reviews. This is a luxurious sofa you do not want to miss.

On a Budget? Try These:

#1 Best Under $650: Lilola Home Lucca Linen Reversible Sleeper Sectional Sofa

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This is among the best cheap sleepers sofas in the market. Despite its low price point, this one also features solid wood framing and is upholstered in a cotton blend fabric, so it is of surprisingly good quality for the price. This sectional sleeper sofa by Linola is available in several colors, so you are sure to find something that matches your living room color scheme.

Also, unlike some of the other sectional sofas on this list, the cushions here are rather on the firm side according to some reviewers. So if you are looking for something with a little more support or if you prefer to sleep on a firmer surface, this one is for you. The real downside – which isn’t much of a downside if you live in an apartment – is that it is one of the smallest sleeper sofas. That’s kind of to be expected at this price point. The upside of it being smaller is that it is relatively easy to assemble compared to some of the larger, more complicated options, and will fit in almost any small living space, making this a great option for apartment dwellers on a budget.

#2 Best Under $550: Danxee Sofa Bed Set Sectional Sofa L Shape 

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Don’t let the low price stop you from checking out this beautiful sectional sleeper sofa by Danxee. Available in several rich colors (silver, blue, red, and black) this sofa sleeper is the only one on the list to be upholstered in velvet material, giving this an incredibly luxurious feel, despite its low price point. This sleeper sofa is also on the smaller side, making it ideal for apartment dwellers who are looking for something classy to brighten up their small space. This sleeper sofa also features nail head trimming on the edges to give it an extra stylish design.

Perhaps one of the more unique features of this sectional sleeper sofa is its fully reclining seats. All seats recline individually and to create a bed, simply recline them all. While not among the most comfortable sleeper sofas on the list, this sectional sleeper sofa certainly more than makes up for it with its classy design and ease of use, so definitely go check it out.

#3 Best For $500:  Gold Sparrow Frankfort Convertible Sectional Sofa Bed

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This sectional sleeper sofa is probably the cheapest you will find in the market. Surprisingly, it features wood framing and an extra thick cushion for more comfort, which is unexpected at this price point. This sectional sofa also offers a few more options for customization than previous ones, as the sofa’s arms are interchangeable and can be placed wherever you prefer on either the sofa or the chaise to allow for diverse configurations. The chaise can also be moved to either side to accommodate your preferences.

To turn this sectional sofa into a bed, you need to remove the arms and slide the chaise next to the sofa part to create a flatbed that is almost full size, making this ideal for adult guests. This sectional sleeper sofa only comes in steel grey and it certainly not the fanciest option on this list, but at this price point, there is not much to complain about. If you are looking for a quality sectional sleeper on a budget, definitely check this one out.

What is the Most Comfortable Sectional Sofa?

If you are looking for the best comfort, look no further than this 3-Piece L-shaped sectional sofa by AYCP.  The cushions are high-density memory foam that contours to your body, which will be sure to provide a luxurious experience for you and all your guests. The reversible chaise is extra long, giving you plenty of space to stretch out comfortably for a nap.

Comfort isn’t the only wonderful thing about this sofa. This sleek black sectional sofa also manages to be traditional yet stylish. The design features beautiful faux leather fabric and tufted cushions, which lend this sectional sofa a beautiful, classy vibe. This sectional sofa also includes checkered toss pillows to make it look homier.

One of the best highlights of this sofa is the ottoman, which is doubly functional as it also contains a hidden inner storage space to keep extra goods handy even in small spaces. This sofa is also durable, featuring a real solid wood frame that you will be sure to enjoy for years to come.

If comfort is your priority, then we recommend this sleeper sofa as a great choice, as it not only features a memory foam mattress but also a premium quality design.

Verdict: Your Best sectional sleeper sofa

If you want the best value for money, choose the BOWERY HILL Steel Gray Linen Reversible Sleeper Sofa.

If you are looking for something spacious, pick the Homelegance Fabric Reversible Chaise Sofa.

If you want to keep the spend under $600, go for the Danxee Sofa Bed Set Sectional Sofa L Shape.

So there you have it. It can be hard to buy new furniture, and we know an expensive purchase like this is sure to be overwhelming, so we hope this list has helped narrow it down a bit to the best sleeper sofas. Know that whatever you choose, it is sure to look better in your living room than an old mattress or a sleeping bag, and your guests will certainly be more appreciative that they can sleep on a full-size bed.

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