8-Way Hand Tied Springs vs Sinuous Springs


It’s interesting how life evolves. When you were younger, you weren’t too picky about your selection in furniture. You may be someone who just wanted a couch or recliner that was functional. You scoured the thrift stores and you wouldn’t dream of paying over $500 for a new couch. Not being as picky, having less of a budget, and moving around a little more are just some examples of conditions in your younger years.

But life evolves. You grow older, and you have more money. In addition, you may want something more comfortable and higher quality. As a result, you shop new and you want to be mindful of what your couch is made of.

When creating a sofa (or chair), there are two types of springs that are used: sinuous and 8-way hand tied. While you may be an adult, you may want someone to explain to you what these are as if you’re a kid. Don’t worry; we are here to help.

First, let’s explain the difference.


These are springs found in sofas that are made from heavy wires. These wires go in a continuous pattern that is best described as a vertical S shape. That S is how you can tell it’s sinuous. Padded clips are used to attach the springs to the couch’s frame. Then, tie rods made from metal help to reinforce it even more.

Sinuous springs mean there is no sag, and it’s easier and cheaper to make. Despite its cheapness, it is a durable way to make a couch, and it has quality that lasts.


As you may expect, the 8-way hand-tied is the opposite. It requires more skill to make. The 8-way in its name is how many ways the manufacturers tie the springs. This makes for soft, flexible, and above all else, comfortable furniture.

As you may imagine, because it requires more effort, you’re going to have to pay a little more for the price. However, the price means that you are going to have a couch that is more comfortable and lasts a much longer time.

These are expensive because tying them is tedious. Also, it may damage the fingers of those who are tying it.

Fake 8-Way

When choosing 8-way hand tied springs, something you do need to be mindful of are springs that are fake. As it turns out, these are drop-in coils. These are coils that are put on a metal frame. These are saggy springs and they can squeak due to all the metal contact.

A fake 8-way is when you have drop-in springs, and you add some twine to them. When shopping for 8-way springs, this is something you need to be aware of. However, others may argue that no one really knows the difference.

Price Difference

The price of a couch is going to depend on several factors, so trying to figure out how much a sinuous springs couch vs a genuine 8-way tied spring couch should cost takes some figuring. However, one cursory glance on the Internet reveals that there is a big price difference.

The couches that have sinuous springs tend to have mid-range prices. Usually, this means the couch costs about $500-$1,500. Meanwhile, the 8-way spring couch can cost a lot more. For example, a leather couch that has genuine 8-way tied springs can cost over $2,500.

How Do They Feel?

The feel of a couch can depend on several other factors besides the springs that are used; for instance, a leather couch will feel different than a foamier couch. However, sinuous springs can have a firmer feel to them when compared to 8-way. How you like your couch to feel will determine which type of spring you gravitate towards.


The durability of a sinuous vs an 8-way is a bit debated, especially in modern times. In the old days, the 8-way hand tied spring was considered the best way to have a couch that lasts. Back then, couches had materials that were less durable. If you owned a couch in the 1800s, it could have had horse hair in it, or maybe cotton, if you were lucky.

The foam cushions, when first invented, didn’t have the firmness they’re known to have now. So the 8-way springs were what kept everything together. If you had poor springs, you were going to sink – no questions asked.

However, in modern times, cushions come from quality foams, and it makes a good sinuous and a good 8-way about the same in durability. Maybe 8-way has a slight edge, but is it worth the extra price? We are not sure.

Does it Matter Which One You Choose?

In modern times, a hot debate among couch enthusiasts is if 8-way hand-tied springs are even needed, or if they are an expensive status symbol. As mentioned, these springs worked well in the old days, but there are several other factors that are more important when looking for a quality couch. For example:

  • How the springs are spaced. They should be spaced no more than 2 inches apart. Take off the cushions and then press downwards. If there is resistance and you can feel some even spacing, you’re good.
  • Cushions with high quality materials. High resiliency foam, down, and other high-quality materials can be just as good for having a couch that lasts.
  • High-quality, self-decking fabric.

In conclusion, having a couch with authentic 8-way hand tied springs can be great, but the springs aren’t the only quality factor nowadays. Usually, a couch with those springs has other quality materials to keep it durable. With that said, sinuous can be just as good. It’s important to find a couch that is high quality, but even if you have some money, don’t bankrupt yourself to get a couch that’s high quality. A couch that costs half of $2,500 can be just as good.

We hope this clarified the difference between these two springs. Good luck on your couch hunting journey.

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