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John Saward
The Beauty of Holiness and the Holiness of Beauty , Art, Sanctity & Truth of Catholicism

by Hamilton Reed Armstrong

According to St. Thomas, the Angelic Doctor, God in himself is beauty, and Christ incarnate, as the “image” of the unseen Father, is the archetype of all created beauty. While the Western tradition of art has perennially linked beauty to the “true” and the “good,” it is only within our Catholic culture, based on the theology of the Incarnation, that beauty has become linked to holiness. The more the world becomes conformed to Christ the more beautiful it becomes.

By using Blessed Fra Angelico, saint and artistic genius, as his model, John Saward, in this finely crafted and well argued book makes this point eminently clear.

This book comes recommended by none other than then Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, now H.H. Benedict XVI. Josef Pieper, Only the Lover Sings, Art and Contemplation , [Ignatius Press ]

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