A New Way Forward

A new way forward

by Mark Nowakowski

Even in an age of deep social and economic uncertainty, the need for true beauty continues to be felt by both individuals and the Church. It is no coincidence that the very same Pope who called for the New Evangelization also gave us his “Letter to Artists,” in which he plainly said: “The Church needs art, and artists need the Church.” His successor would continue the future saint's legacy of meeting with artists and discussing what makes truly great Catholic art.

From the very beginning, the Foundation for Sacred Arts has been a part of this movement towards true Catholic beauty, helping to draw attention to the finest necessary art, architecture, and music in the contemporary Church, while building artistic relationships around the Catholic world.

In this new year we have launched a new version of our popular website, utilizing new web development tools to allow us to more quickly and easily bring you the best in Catholic fine arts news, commentaries, and reviews. We hope to continue to be a center for information regarding the Catholic sacred arts, all while helping to inspire, educate, and network a new generation of Catholic artists and patrons. To this end we will also be hosting a regular commentary section, for which we have lined up some of the most interesting artists and writers speaking on the sacred arts in the Catholic world today. Look for more book and music reviews, new additions to our artist, composer, and architect registries, and further new features as the year moves on.

"The Church needs art, and artists need the Church." It is a positive refrain for a culture so often mired in the lowest common aesthetic denominator. The Church has given the world the most beautiful works of art in history, and now more than even this is a pressing need for a cultural in need of evangelization.

As always, your financial support is crucial to our mission, and we ask that you consider donating any amount via our paypal donation buttons, or by sending a check in the mail. We at the Foundation for Sacred Arts wish you a new year full of faith, beauty, and wonder.

-Mark Nowakowski


Dr. Nowakowski is a composer whose music has been performed around the United States and Europe in recent years, including by such diverse groups as the Kronos Quartet, the Cleveland Chamber Symphony, and the Projekt Mozart festival orchestra and choir. He holds five degrees in music, and has taught at the University of Maryland, Christendom College, and the Jagiellonian University in Poland.

-Interim Executive Director, FSA
-Curator of Music


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