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The Foundation for Sacred Arts is a Catholic nonprofit organization founded to stimulate a vibrant renewal in the patronage and production of Christian sacred arts (art, architecture, and music); and to advance the pursuit of excellence in conformity with truth, goodness, and beauty in these arts; for the glory of God, the life of His Church, and the transformation of culture.

The Church has long recognized the power of the sacred arts to communicate truth and to turn souls devoutly toward Christ. Throughout Christian history, the Church has commissioned great works of art, architecture, and music to advance her mission of worship, catechesis, and evangelization, inviting the world more deeply into the mysteries of the faith. However, since the dawn of the modern era, the arts have increasingly been divorced from a Christian nexus, and the pursuit of excellence in conformity with truth, goodness and beauty in even the sacred arts has languished. Yet, the spiritual anemia of modern society makes it all the more vital that the sacred arts thrive- with contemporary voice that is simultaneously rooted in tradition- so that those who encounter the beauty in these arts might be brought into life-altering contact with Divine Beauty Himself.

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