Events overview

To cultivate a vibrant contemporary movement in the sacred arts, it is essential to form audiences who are receptive to the vital role of the arts in the life of the Church. With this in mind, the Foundation organizes various programs of education, including:

Lectures and Conferences with distinguished artists, architects, musicians, art historians, musicologists and scholars; and
Tours of churches, shrines, and sacred art collections.

The Foundation also coordinates various events that showcase the finest examples of contemporary sacred arts. These events bring greater recognition for their artists and demonstrate the relevance of works of beauty today. These events include:

Exhibitions showcasing the finest examples of contemporary sacred arts;
Concerts featuring the works of contemporary sacred music composers; and
International Competitions in Art, Architecture and Music to encourage the production of new works of the highest quality.

If you are interested in bringing one of these programs to your parish or venue, please contact us at or 202-898-1288.

To read more about our current events, please visit our current events page.