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Shrine Exhibit 'Call to the Beauty of God,' by Nora Hamerman

The composer who found Christ in Mark, by Anna Krohn

The Way of Beauty, by David Clayton

Picturing the Mystery: James Langley's The Hidden Years Triptych, by Rachel Ross

Recovering the Sacred of Music, by Robert R. Reilly

The Transmission of Faith Through Art, by Hamilton Reed Armstrong

The Art of the Spheres, by David Clayton

Sans Metaphysics, Sans Beauty, by Jude P. Daugherty

Religious Art, by Ralph McInerny

The Vocation of Art, by Mark Nowakowski

An Abomination of Art, by Hamilton Reed Armstrong

Interview with Ann Slattery, Stabat Mater Prayer Apostolate

The preceeding articles are presented to foster thought and intellectual community in the Sacred Arts. Not all arguments necessarily represent the official positions of The Foundation for Sacred Arts.